KOK Hookah

Premium tobacco

This premium tobacco is a mix of Golden Virginia tobacco leaves, soaked in caramel molasses, and herbal flavors.

KOK tobacco has full flavor and aroma. The entire line of flavors was developed especially for the Russian market, taking into account the most exacting and sophisticated connoisseurs of hookah tobacco. We have created the highest quality tobacco. KOK is perfect any way you look at it and can satisfy the most demanding customer.

KOK Hookah


The origin of KOK tobacco is Amman the capital of Jordan, a country known for its rich hookah culture, where the experts on hookah tobacco live and where the history and approach to the hookah culture grew over many centuries!

UTF Group Inc. launched production of premium hookah tobacco under the capable supervision of Argelini experts, whose recipe of success are still kept a secret, but are now known to our company.

  • No chemical additives;
  • No artificial colorings;
  • Each package labeled with the Argelini quality sign.

KOK Hookah


This is a premium product; the target audience consists of people whose requirements are above average, who are not used to denying themselves the very best, and people for whom the quality and type of products come first.

You don’t have to go all the way to the Middle East anymore to get real premium tobacco – you can now enjoy all the qualities of these particular tobaccos right where you are in Russia!

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